Mamo Creaser COR 45

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Manual and very reliablle creasing machine from Mamo. For formats up to 450 mm or SRA3 landscape. Two guides sliding on rails along millimetric reference guides for fast and precise setting. Very steady due to construction and weight Creases up to 450 mm lenghts and paper weights up to 450gsm Works well with laminated materials Two adjustable level guides with double fastening points The two level guides (see Pic. 2) allow faster creasing operation of book covers


Creasing (type) blade
Max. Crease Width (mm) 450
Max. Paper Weight (gsm) 450
Front Table Size DxW (mm) 230 x 450
Back Table Size DxW (mm) 340 x 450
Net Weight (kg) 15
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 570 x 450 x 150

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