Subli 1510+

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The SUBLI 1510+ was created in partnership with ChromaLuxe, the world-leading manufacturer of high-quality, rigid sublimation substrates.


  • Automatic drawer opening, closing and switching functions
  • Two independent, concentric heating zones for an even heat distribution all over the plate
  • Allows background tasking on the free platen
  • Four pneumatic cylinders ensure uniform pressure across the whole platen
  • Large touch-screen control panel
  • Includes Nomex-covered heat platen (Chromaluxe version)
  • Designed and manufactured in France
  • Two-year machine warranty
  • Ten-year warranty on heating elements

    Electronics :

    • Touch electronics developed by Sefa
    • Precise and fast regulation (PID control)
    • 4 recordable programs
    • Counter with reset
    • Double timer
    • Energy saving mode


    Type Pneumatic
    Slide - Tray with drawer
    Platen Size
    157 x 107 cm
    Max Thickness
    45 mm
    Pressure 296 gr/cm2
    Max Temp 
    220 C
    17500 W
    Power Supply
    400V 3-phases
    28 A


    Sublimation Rigid Substrate,

    Textile Sublimation, Flex


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